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The Femo: Akin strikes again at women’s dignity


by Ashleigh McEvoy

Rep. Todd Akin (R-MO) released a new advertisement this week featuring a rape victim who has had an abortion. The woman, Kelly Burrell, says in the video, “The reason that I’m voting for Todd and that I’m so proud of him is because he defends the unborn. He’s a kind man, he’s a compassionate man, he has so much integrity.” The ad also includes another woman who is originally from Russia and contrasts Akin’s policies with those of that nation, asserting that Akin knows government should aim to “protect life, not to control life.” The two women emphasize the importance of freedom and Akin’s loving, big-hearted nature.

The Femo: Todd Akin of the Northeast

by Olivia Conetta

Frank Szabo is a Republican candidate for Hillsborough County Sheriff in New Hampshire. In August — the same month that Representative Todd Akin (R-MO) made his infamous “legitimate rape” comment — Szabo stated that “deadly force is the last thing law enforcement should be using. … If there is no other choice, that’s what’s needed to protect the citizen.”