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A mixed blessing for marriage

by Michael Tamayo

Social media is understandably abuzz with the Supreme Court’s Wednesday decisions on same-sex marriage. Proponents of same-sex marriage are probably ecstatic. President Obama has released a statement claiming that the decisions have righted a wrong and that the country is better for it. CNN reports that the decisions are being hailed as an historic victory, which indeed they are to some degree. But it’s important not to be carried away with the implications of the high court’s decisions. The Supreme Court hasn’t offered cut-and-dried, broad rulings regarding the issue of same-sex marriage. The decisions are probably closer to a double than a home run, and their scope is more limited than it seems at first glance.

Ocean State News Update: Same-sex marriage passes the Rhode Island Senate

by John Perilli

In a 26-12 vote Wednesday, the Rhode Island Senate passed SB-38, a bill that would allow same-sex couples to enjoy the full rights of marriage in the Ocean State. The vote was cast after a lengthy floor debate that lasted over an hour and a half and saw senators on both sides of the same-sex marriage aisle give impassioned speeches for and against. In the end, though, the supporters of same sex marriage were able to pull out enough votes in the more conservative General Assembly chamber for a resounding Senate victory.