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The dead ends for Romney’s campaign


by Adison Marshall

The Romney team seemed to misread cues from the inception of his campaign, all the way through to the waning days. Its poor political judgments were Mitt Romney’s undoing. But just one bad decision didn’t do him in. There are several reasons why the Romney campaign was unsuccessful: his failure to appeal to key demographics on the right, his advertising strategy in swing states, his (and President Obama’s) response to Hurricane Sandy, and his inability to counter the Obama campaign’s grassroots fieldwork.

Five reasons you shouldn’t miss the presidential debate

Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama

by Corinne Cathcart

1 – It’s been a long summer of criticism from afar.

All summer long, the candidates have flung disparaging comments back and forth from across the country. Romney will say something in Ohio. The president criticizes from Florida. Romney criticizes from North Carolina, and Obama says something in New York. Some would call this a debate in slow motion — but really, it’s worse.

The Great Tax Debate

Barack Obama

by John Perilli

For the first time since 2010, taxes are a top-priority issue in American politics. During a recent campaign video, President Obama called on Congress to renew income tax cuts for filers earning less than $250,000 a year.

Not only does this announcement relight a debate that was only postponed two years ago, but it turns taxes into a divisive election issue. This means that along with income taxes, the other major taxes in the United States on corporations,  payrolls, and capital gains could be in play for reform. Whichever party wins in November is poised to go on the offensive and determine the long-term future of American tax policy.