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Ocean State: The Governor’s gambit

by John Perilli

Ever since Gov. Lincoln Chafee reaffiliated from Independent to Democrat two weeks ago, his decision has been minced and analyzed from almost every angle. Some are hailing him as a kind of transcendent political genius who operates on a higher plane than the rest of us earthbound observers. Others say he’s doomed, no matter his affiliation.

Ocean State: A preview of the 2014 Governor’s race


by John Perilli

It is an early hour to be calling who’s going to be facing off against whom in the 2014 statewide races, but candidates across Rhode Island are already jostling for position. In no race is this more evident than the Governor’s race, which promises to be another three-way battle royal like it was in 2010. Independent Lincoln Chafee has strongly indicated that he intends to run for reelection, but only 18 percent say that they would definitely vote for him again. Democratic and Republican operatives, sensing weakness, are already plotting his defeat, and it will be a difficult battle for Chafee to win a second term.