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Coptic Elections: The second round

by Andrew Leber

Father Paul Marqus of the Holy Virgin Church in Zamalek took a brief break from appointments with parishioners to meet with The Memo to speak about the Coptic Church ‘s upcoming Papal elections. “The next Pope will be chosen on Nov. 4,” he said.

The other Egyptian elections: selecting the next Coptic Orthodox pope

St. Mark's Cathedral

by Andrew Leber

When Pope Shenouda III of Alexandria passed away on March 17 this year, the outpouring of grief among Egypt’s Coptic Christian community was tremendous. Tens of thousands of Egyptian Christians and other mourners travelled to the immense St. Mark’s Cathedral in central Cairo, filling the main church and the surrounding grounds. With the passing of Pope Shenouda, the spiritual head of the Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria, the Coptic community faced an uncertain transition at a time when many of Egypt’s political institutions, from the police force to the very constitution, were (and still are) in constant flux.