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President Obama – Lame duck?

by Adison Marshall

President Barack Obama’s campaigns have been famously successful in large part due to the well oiled grassroots movements that Organizing for America structured. In the wake of his second national campaign victory, Organizing for America is no longer, replaced by Organizing for Action — a much smaller group of supporters, but supporters armed with all of the knowledge and resources of Organizing for America. Organizing for Action’s goal is to harness the momentum of a winning campaign into actual policy gains during Obama’s second term. It’s a nationwide movement, started by former Obama aides, all about keeping volunteers and donors involved in the political ‘process.’

The “Rope-A-Dope”

Barack Obama

by Taylor Daily

My reaction to the Wednesday’s debate was probably in line with what most in the media thought: President Obama played it relatively safe while Mitt Romney was able to argue successfully for some of his positions, especially his views on taxation. The media described President Obama’s strategy as the “rope-a-dope,” because the President generally held his punches except for the most effective moments and let Romney hammer him for the rest of the time. This view is, of course, an oversimplification, but appears to be fundamentally accurate. The question then becomes why would President Obama choose a strategy that would result in what Nate Silver called a “field goal” for Mitt Romney?