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It is not the park, it is you

by DC, a Brown student from Turkey

A leader does not pass judgment on his people. On the contrary, a leader respects the uniqueness of each individual. It took me a long time to start writing this article. Every time I wanted to write something, I felt like it would not be enough to describe the atrocities that have been taking place in Turkey since May 31.

International Oil Companies: Company Culture – Part III

by Margaret Kearney, Louisa Kellogg, Jacqueline Ho, Katherine Wong

Company culture, which includes how the companies engage with the media and stakeholders, disclose information, and present themselves to the world, influences Exxon Mobil Corp. and British Petroleum’s stances on climate change.

Coptic Elections: The second round

by Andrew Leber

Father Paul Marqus of the Holy Virgin Church in Zamalek took a brief break from appointments with parishioners to meet with The Memo to speak about the Coptic Church ‘s upcoming Papal elections. “The next Pope will be chosen on Nov. 4,” he said.

Debate No. 3: Romney takes foreign policy off the table


by John Perilli

If President Barack Obama was looking to distance himself from Mitt Romney on foreign policy during Monday night’s debate, he would have left the stage feeling disappointed. Aside from a strong debate performance, where he stood tall on all the major international issues from Israel to China, Obama could not seem to get away from Romney. Early on, Romney neutralized one of Obama’s strongest foreign policy talking points by congratulating him on going after Osama bin Laden. There was a brief back and forth over who would move “heaven and earth” to take out the infamous al Qaeda commander, but Obama was left without a decisive point scored.

The other Egyptian elections: selecting the next Coptic Orthodox pope

St. Mark's Cathedral

by Andrew Leber

When Pope Shenouda III of Alexandria passed away on March 17 this year, the outpouring of grief among Egypt’s Coptic Christian community was tremendous. Tens of thousands of Egyptian Christians and other mourners travelled to the immense St. Mark’s Cathedral in central Cairo, filling the main church and the surrounding grounds. With the passing of Pope Shenouda, the spiritual head of the Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria, the Coptic community faced an uncertain transition at a time when many of Egypt’s political institutions, from the police force to the very constitution, were (and still are) in constant flux.

When International Aid hurts more than it helps

Operating Theater

by Jayson Marwaha

There’s a special corner of the Major Operating Theatre corridor in Sea View Hospital (real name not disclosed due to confidentiality agreement), a 400-bed government facility in East Africa, reserved for unopened boxes of donated medical materials. Every few days, wooden crates labeled with the names of Chinese or Italian shipping companies are put there until doctors find time to crack them open.

Al Qaeda in Syria: Jihadists use chaos in Arab Awakening

Riedel article pic

by Bruce Riedel

The Syrian civil war has dramatically demonstrated both al Qaeda’s ability to exploit failing states to its advantage and the continued relevance of the al Qaeda core leadership 11 years after 9/11. The jihadist movement has found new life in the Arab awakening and is striking back from adversity, once again.

Syrian cease-fire calls for UN presence

photo by Jim Greenhill

by Ben Kutner

International diplomatic pressure has failed to yield results in Syria, where President Bashar al-Assad’s regime has killed approximately 9,000 Syrians in the past year. The possibility of U.S. military involvement in Syria has never been completely off the table for policymakers, although the international community is still seeking to prod Assad with a diplomatic hand.