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Commissioner Kelly and the discussion worth having

by Ben Kutner

Brown lost its balance yesterday. The healthy give and take between dissenting opinions and the ability to voice those opinions was disrupted during New York City Police Department Commissioner Ray Kelly’s speech.

Syrian cease-fire calls for UN presence

photo by Jim Greenhill

by Ben Kutner

International diplomatic pressure has failed to yield results in Syria, where President Bashar al-Assad’s regime has killed approximately 9,000 Syrians in the past year. The possibility of U.S. military involvement in Syria has never been completely off the table for policymakers, although the international community is still seeking to prod Assad with a diplomatic hand.

Mr. President: Tweeting his way into the White House

Pete Souza / Official White House photo

by Ben Kutner

It’s no surprise that social media will have a tremendous impact on the upcoming presidential election. The 2008 election was the first to occur after Facebook had soared to its ubiquitous position, but the current election offers new sites and millions of new social media users. The pool for potential voters is enough to make any campaigner salivate. Are the campaigns savvy enough to maximize that potential?