The Femo: Hillary 2016?

by Olivia Conetta

Though the 2012 election is long over and the most pressing issue on most politicians’ minds is the looming fiscal cliff, some news outlets are already thinking ahead to the 2016 presidential election. A recent ABC News/Washington Post poll released in early December demonstrated that if Secretary of State Hillary Clinton were to run for president in 2016, 57 percent of respondents would support her. At 66 percent, her support among women is even higher, and 65 percent of moderates would back her candidacy as well.

Potential Clinton-backers shouldn’t get their hopes up just yet. The New York Times reported in November that Clinton’s plan for the end of her time as Secretary of State is to “sleep and exercise and travel for fun. And relax.” What a well-deserved rest hers will be after over 20 years in the public eye.

But Clinton is well-qualified for the presidency. Twice named to a list of the 100 most influential lawyers in the country, she’s an accomplished lawyer in her own right. She spearheaded health care reform (though it ultimately failed) during her time as First Lady and then became New York’s first female senator, as well as the first First Lady to run for public office. And throughout President Obama’s first term, Clinton has served as Secretary of State, making her the first First Lady to serve in a president’s cabinet. She knows heads of state all over the world and is the highest-ranking appointed official in the executive branch.

Hers is an impressive resume, and watching Clinton duke it out against a field of strong Republican and Democratic challengers would be a fight I wouldn’t want to miss.


photo of Hillary Clinton by Titanic Belfast: