The Femo: Todd Akin of the Northeast

by Olivia Conetta

Frank Szabo is a Republican candidate for Hillsborough County Sheriff in New Hampshire. In August — the same month that Representative Todd Akin (R-MO) made his infamous “legitimate rape” comment — Szabo stated that “deadly force is the last thing law enforcement should be using. … If there is no other choice, that’s what’s needed to protect the citizen.”

Szabo sees no difference between protecting “someone who is 20 years old” whose life is in danger and a child in the womb.

Akin’s comments betrayed a lack of scientific understanding of how pregnancy works, but Szabo’s argument is philosophically inconsistent. Isn’t “deadly force” to the abortion-seeking woman nearly as bad as the abortion itself is to the unborn child? Either way, someone gets hurt. If Szabo is out to “protect the citizens,” as he believes a good sheriff should do, then his best course of action to keep his citizens safe is to let them make their own educated decisions — but not to use “deadly force.”

Szabo and Akin make 2012 look an awful lot like 1912.