From the Blog: Biden takes fight to the VP seat

photo by Stephen Bolen

by Olivia Conetta

Joe Biden, known in 2008 for his gaffes, is turning the vice presidency into the bully pulpit.

First, by proclaiming his support for gay marriage, Biden pulled President Obama out of the closet on the issue, finishing Obama’s “evolution” of his stance on gay marriage at a rate that would astound Charles Darwin.

And he attracted press coverage this week for his remarks in Ohio, a key battleground state for both the Obama and Romney campaigns.

Biden slammed the Republican Party for misunderstanding the middle class’s dreams for better prospects for their children.

“My mother and father dreamed as much as any rich guy dreams,” Biden passionately declared in a nod to his middle-class upbringing. “They don’t get us!”

The crowd cheered wildly. Biden seemed to hit the right chord.

It’s now up to Romney, the former businessman, to perfect his sales pitch to the middle class. A hint for Romney: Biden’s pathos brought the applause.


photo by Stephen Bolen

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